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a.   Many people will argue that pollution is not a problem for the Ohio groundwater. Our experiments suggest that there are dangerous levels of chemical X in the Ohio groundwater.

b.   Throughout the ages critics have had varying ideas as to what drives history on its course. Material forces drive history.

c. Critics of Freud will say that his proponents of psychology open questions that are too controversial. However, proponents of Freudian psychology question standard notions of “rationality.”

d.   Some critics have claimed that class discussions have equal opportunities for both females and males to speak. Male students often dominate class discussions.

e.   When it comes to the topic of the film, most people will say it is everyday struggles and triumphs. The film is about the problems of romantic relationships.

f.   The authors of the book have boldly stated that the templates offered within the book will help originality bloom. I’m afraid that templates like the ones in this book will stifle my creativity.

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